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Time for Radiotherapy

Date: June 15, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 1

Here we go again, Donal is heading into yet another treatment, this time Radiotherapy.

Donal got through his last treatment, the Bone Marrow Transplant and the doctors were delighted with how well he tolerated it. To be honest it was very very tough, I am hoping that Donal won’t remember the worst days due to the amount of morphine he was on but I will never be able to forget it. We went into it worrying about how we would keep a child in isolation for 6 weeks, in actual fact that was never a problem, he was too ill. Eventually Donal did show signs of recovery. The day we were told that they were starting to look at going home plan was one of the best and worst day. By 5pm that day the lab had called the ward to say that they had detected a virus in Donal’s bloods. This particular virus was a virus that can be carried by most people with few symptoms but as Donal was post transplant it was much more serious. We were told that it was going to be treated aggressively as it could be nothing and just go away or it could be very serious indeed. We were told that we had to just wait and see. Over the next few days they treated him for virus and we watched him for symptoms but nothing developed, thank goodness, the stress on top of what we had just been through was almost unbearable. We got home a few days later and it was amazing but also completely terrifying, it was now up to us to take care of him.

Over the last four weeks we have traveled back and forth to Crumlin hospital, as they monitor Donal’s progress very closely. He has done brilliantly well, his bloods are improving, his sickness is controlled and he is getting his appetite back. He still has good and bad days and struggles with walking but we hope it is just a matter of time. The Bone Marrow Transplant will affect his body for the rest of his life. How a small little boys body can tolerate so much, I will never know.

So now onto the next, 3 weeks for radiotherapy on this primary tumour site, his abdomen. The possible side effects would make you want to barricade the doors and windows and never leave the house again, but we know that is not an option. His little body is all marked up and ready and we are just waiting for the start day. It will take all my courage and strength walk him into St Luke’s hospital and hand him over but this is what I will have to do, what choices do we have?

Please keep thinking of him on this terrible journey as we still have a long way to go and need all the support and good wishes we can get. 

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  1. Published by: Petrina Date: June 15, 2014


    It’s a very long road but Donal is lucky to have such a wonderful Mum and family. Wishing ye continued strength, courage and luck in facing all these hurdles that no one should have to face, much less a 7 year old boy. Thinking of ye lots Jane. X

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