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Swine Flu & Stem Cells

Date: March 20, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 3

At last we are all clear of the swine flu! The doctors couldn’t believe that Donal had the swine flu as he has so few symptoms, a temperature and a runny nose for two days. On the third day, he woke up and said “Mum, I had a great nights sleep” and the symptoms were gone. After several swabs they confirmed that he was carrying the virus. This has delayed his treatment as the next stage for Donal is stem cell harvest from his hip bones. They didn’t want to harvest the stem cells while he was carrying the virus, in case it was re transplanted into Donal at transplant stage. This will be when he is at his lowest due to the extremely high dose chemo he will receive to kill the residual cancer and also his existing bone marrow. I hope to God that he is fully actually clear of his virus, as the side effects of the transplant are bad enough without throwing swine flu in the mix.

I am writing this in the dark in the bed beside Donal in St Johns Ward, Crumlin, he is first on the list tomorrow for the harvest. He has been on great form for the last few weeks, loads of energy, eating well, enjoying himself. It makes it even harder to hand him over to yet another operation. My only hope is that if Donal can fight the swine flu within a few days, only a few weeks after major surgery and after 80 days of chemo, then he will recover quickly from yet another operation, and be ready for the next stage of treatment.

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3 Comments: "Swine Flu & Stem Cells"

  1. Published by: David Phillips Date: March 20, 2014


    Hope all goes well wit the harvest today, thinking of you all. Dave and Chloe.

  2. Published by: Maureen Moriarty Date: March 20, 2014


    Hi to Donal ,his mum and family hope you are keeping well Donal I know you are a little fighter from reading your mum’s blog. I will light a candle for you at the holy well Sligo and say a wee prayer you get better and stronger every day . God bless you..

  3. Published by: Jo Parker Date: March 21, 2014


    Thinking of you all today x

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