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Just A Little Boy

Date: May 5, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 1

Is Donal really a fighter? Is he really a brave warrior?

I know that as his Mum (and biggest fan) that you wouldn’t expect me to ask these questions. With all my heart I hope he is fighting and battling this cancer with extra super human strength, but what I do know for sure is that Donal is just my little boy who is very very sick. A little boy who completely trusts his Mum and Dad when we say that the nasty medicines will make him better. He is a little boy who is very scared, terrified about what is happening to him but still manages to say please and thank you. He is a little boy who says sorry when he cries.

We see him as brave because he is going through the worst cancer treatment imaginable but he still manages to laugh, build lego and even dances when he can (despite been attached to 4 IVs). But he is really only a child who doesn’t know what stage 4 cancer actually means, thank goodness. At the moment he is having a Bone Marrow Transplant and is in isolation in hospital for 6 weeks, he is extremely sick but his big idea for when he gets home is that we make brownies together. He is a little boy who does get sad when he is sick and does get angry when he has to have injections, NG tubes inserted, dressings changed. He is a little boy who kicks and screams and shouts “just give me a break”.He is a little boy not unlike all the other seven year olds running around except he has cancer, he is not a warrior, not a fighter just our baby boy.

We sincerely hope that the warriors are the medicines we are consistently giving him, and we know that the battle is the research desperately needed into these childhood cancer and the soldiers are the medical staff. The children are just children and that is how we want them to stay, just a little boy who loves Lego, dancing and Nelly his springer spaniel.

I want my little boy back.

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  1. Published by: Emma Laine Date: May 20, 2014


    This sick little kid is very lucky to have such a super mother. That’s all I know.

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