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Date: September 10, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 2

Here we are again, back in St John’s Ward, Crumlin for Donal to start a new treatment, immunotherapy.

We have just had three whole weeks at home with only occasional trips to our local hospital for bloods. It has been like a holiday with real glimpses back into our old lives. Donal has had friends into the house to play, there has been Lego boat building challenges that result in a flooded bathroom, mega Nerf battles through the whole house, I think I will still be finding Nerf bullets for years to come.

It has been really fantastic but through it all we have had the dark shadow of this pending treatment. We have been prepared by the doctors for the worst possible outcome but still we are hoping for the best, we have to. We know the side effects and have been through them several times. I am not sure that reading and understanding them can really prepare you for the actual reality of it. Having your 7 year old, chatting and skipping around in the morning, to being not able to stand up and in a lot of pain by the afternoon.

We have been told that it should get better as the week goes on but there are no guarantees. Donal is on a morphine pump, he is pretty out of it but even with his eyes rolling in his head he still manages to ask every nurse and doctor “have you read my book?”, he is so proud and keeps a copy by his bed at all times. This little book has given him something really positive to talk about other than his cancer, to him he is a published author, not a cancer child that happens to have a book. He often even forgets what he has and will say, “what is it I have Mum?” “You have cancer darling” is my reply, “yes that’s what it is, cancer” he says, but he would never forget the name of his book!

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2 Comments: "Immunotherapy"

  1. Published by: Maria Bailey Date: September 10, 2014


    We really hope everything goes well for Donal and all your family, the baileys (Strandhill) x

  2. Published by: Perfect Day Surfing Date: September 10, 2014


    Good Luck Donal,Jane, Andy and James in this tough uncertain time. With Gods help all will be fine.
    Much Aloha. Tom, Simone, Elisha and Zachary.

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