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Donal the Staring Champ!

Date: July 19, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 2

We have discovered Donal has a new string to his bow, not only is he strong and determined, a writer and master lego builder but we can now add champion starer!

Donal has completed his radiotherapy. Throughout the 3 weeks, he has challenged everyone he met to a staring competition and I can now announce that he is the undisputed staring champion of St Luke’s hospital, Dublin.

To Donal the last 3 weeks have been easy in comparison to his previous treatments, just “loads of scans”, of course to me it has been a different story. As I know what is actually happening and that the side effects will be with him for the rest of his life. It was not easy as a parent to watch him lie stretched out on the bed, all marked up and as still as he could possibly be (he had been practicing at home). But to Donal, he just said “lets get this machine started!”

Donal chatted his way around the hospital, delighted to be meeting people after so many weeks in isolation. He told everyone he met about his book, Nelly the dog and our life in Strandhill, as well as dropping in some interesting little boy facts (how many eyes does a scorpion have?). The staff were amazing and really made him feel very special indeed.

So its now onto the next hurdle and this is a massive one for us, Donal will have all his reassessment scans. This will determine how the cancer has reacted to the previous treatments and also if there are any new tumours, this would be a relapse. It is even hard to write the words, we know that waiting for scan results will be almost impossible.

Please keep spreading the word about Donal, we need all the support we can get, it really does help more than you will ever know.

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2 Comments: "Donal the Staring Champ!"

  1. Published by: David Phillips Date: July 19, 2014


    Fancy a staring competition on Skype Donal?

  2. Published by: Lorna Date: July 19, 2014


    Keeping ye in my thoughts and prayers

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