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Donal has his stem cell transplant

Date: April 22, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 10

Today was a big day for us, Donal had his Stem Cell transplant. We were told before hand that the transplant was not as big an event as you would imagine, it takes place in his hospital room, it consists of Syringes being given to him in his central line ( this is a line that goes directly into his main arteries and is used for chemo and medications). He watches DVDs and sucks lollipops ( it can cause a strange taste). The whole procedure lasts about 1 hour.

We know that the stem cells are actually the recovery process and the thing that will cause Donal to be unwell is the week of high dose chemo he has just had. Even through we know this, it is hard not to feel heart broken by today’s procedure and what we are doing to Donal’s little body.

Donal tolerated the high dose chemo better than anyone had ever expected, even through he was sick, he keep eating and has not lost any weight. He even told a nurse that he eats to keep is weight up as he knows it important (he picks up way more than we will ever know).

We bought him a new DVD to watch for the transplant and he sat with me on the bed, glued to the screen oblivious to the doctors in the room. It all went very well, doctors were pleased but unfortunately it made Donal very sick, both during and after the transplant. It also made him extremely tired, his energy was completely gone and can only sit up to be sick.

We are still hopeful that Donal will wake and be ready to play Xbox again or watch telly later today. We have been told that the next few weeks will be the worst, but Donal does not always do things the way people expect. They never expected him to eat through chemo and he did. They never thought he would get this far so quickly and in such good shape and he has. We are fully aware of what could happen over the next few weeks but are trying to stay optimistic, Donal could yet again, surprise everyone and fly through this treatment but what ever happens, we have to take it as it comes, hour by hour and day by day.

Thank you to everyone that is helping to keep our lives going while we are there in Crumlin, and the amazing staff there that are guiding through this. It means a lot to us to have such great support when we need it most.

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10 Comments: "Donal has his stem cell transplant"

  1. Published by: Jo Parker Date: April 22, 2014


    Thinking of you esp Donal, you are doing AMAZING xx

  2. Published by: David Phillips Date: April 22, 2014


    You are all amazing and we are all behind you.

  3. Published by: Cathy Melody Walshe Date: April 22, 2014


    Stay strong

  4. Published by: Monica Mcelhinney Date: April 22, 2014


    You are all amazing, new xbox and lego PC games arrived today for when Donal is up to it. X

  5. Published by: Barry Mottershead Date: April 22, 2014


    We’re all thinking of you little dude, keep fighting. Free surf lessons for life from me when you get back to the village!

  6. Published by: JoAnne Neary Date: April 22, 2014


    He’s an amazing wee man and you an wonderful mother. You’ll my thoughts xxx

  7. Published by: Audrey Date: April 22, 2014


    Thinking of you all. Keeping Donal in our prayers, he is one amazing little boy. xx

  8. Published by: vivienne ryan Date: April 22, 2014


    Thinking of Donal and you all as you go through these coming weeksxx Viviennexx

  9. Published by: Jennifer Barrins Date: April 23, 2014


    Donal you’re such a brave little boy. Bless you xx

  10. Published by: Mary Mccaffrey Gilmartin Date: July 5, 2014


    God bless Donal and his family keep fighting x

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