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Doctors, beware of lego missiles

Date: February 20, 2014 Author: OWNER Categories: Donal's Mom's Blog 2

It is great to be able to start this update with good news. If you have been following the updates you know that the surgeon only managed to remove 95% of Donals main tumour. We got the lab results a week after the surgery and they confirmed that the tumour they removed was 100% necrotic (dead). The surgeon had said that he thought that the remaining tumour was dead but these test results confirm it. It is a great relief, as even though they had said 95% was a success, we still worried about what was left as this cancer is so aggressive.


The next stage will be another massive challenge and one we have really been dreading, a bone marrow transplant. The first stage is harvesting, I always think it sounds so nice, like harvest festival, of course it’s not. Donal spent this week in Crumlin as they tried to harvest his stem cells from his blood but unfortunately he didn’t have a high enough count. Next option is to take the stem cells from his bone marrow in his hip, another operation. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that Donal is still recovering from major surgery and they are going to have to operate again. The only consolation is that his recovery has been amazing, within 2 days of surgery he was sitting up in bed making a new lego set. Within 3 days he was out of bed in a chair and firing lego missiles at the doctors and nurses as they entered the room. Within 4 days he was bored of being in a hospital room and within 5 days he was off pain relief and out of hospital. Lets hope this recovery rate continues to be so good heading into the next stage of treatment.

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2 Comments: "Doctors, beware of lego missiles"

  1. Published by: Mary Mccaffrey Gilmartin Date: February 20, 2014


    Great to hear good news my thoughts and prayers are with Donal as he goes forward in his treatment God bless and know that you are all sent warm wishes xx

  2. Published by: Deirdre Eaton Date: February 20, 2014


    That’s Brilliant news, He is such a little fighter.I am so happy to read how well he is doing.

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